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Daniel Lee, the ex-boyfriend, allkpop's VP of Content: She's most likely changed rooms or at a different position of the room. Lets get naked challenge. I am basically a ssaesang littlejay. People try to exploit women in every way every single day so why would anyone be surprised.

No matter whatever is the truth, public sentiments are running in favor the singer. Ailee fake nude. No Idol Pics Except Teasers Direct image posts, gifs, and gfys of idols are forbidden with the exception of official teaser images or announcements.

Dec 13, 8: So how can this be Ailee if you are comparing an asian girl standing by a door and comparing ailee singing by her closet door? You would think that the pictures would be a bit more professional looking as well if they were meant for a job application. At this point I am pretty sure he's fucked. I have photos of singer Ailee. In fact, i don't think its even a door knob. So, I'm not inclined to believe AKP's statement.

Basically their entire defense right now is that "the pics ended up on the internet already, so we're not wrong for posting it on allkpop. Hot girls big tits photos. They are not above it. I want to know if Dispatch is interested or not. Just the headlines or the articles. What are these "I don't buy this excuse" comments when there are thousands of cases of this sort of thing documented a year? The 'brand' names get blanked out. People want to believe the best of her. Because it's not something houses in new jersey have.

Especially since neitzens can see potential scandal in the reflections on a spoon. Post to Facebook Tweet this Send by e-mail Link.

It seems much more plausible that she sent them to the ex directly, so I hope YMC has evidence to back it up. Man, AKP is running out of excuses Now we just wait to see if they can bring AKP into the suit as well So this action is for either to just fuck with her image or to get the images on the internet so someone can recognize her there and allkpop can deliver the news first and get some money out of it.

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These users thanked Gyoshido for the post: There was a little bit of doubt before, but now that it has been revealed that he was the guy shopping those photos around to Korean media outlets, it's basically a closed case.

But these photos need to stay private which was not the case with Ailee photos. I have several photos. Young lesbian sex photos. I really have no clue. And that scandal led to several years of her absence on stage. I wish all the best for Ailee. He actually confirmed he was the person who called Dispatch, he's just saying that he's not the one who leaked the photos in the first place. Ailee fake nude. Who did you receive it from? I think the pieces of evidence are too coincidental for anyone else to be convinced otherwise.

She does look like any other Asian girl I've seen and I've been around many asian girls. Anyone with any common sense should assume at this point that they are behind the leak.

Old School vs New School Idols: You have three particular features in the frame that suggest that it is true: No Ailee,if it's the same bastard to upload your naked photos on the internet and played with your honors and reputation you are wrong to stay friend with this asshole!

Like you have something to do with serious journalism These users thanked ninaxbj for the post: Because this could have surely gone the other way for her. Pics of nude women with big tits. Could that many people be that dumb? Ah, are you in Korea right now? No matter whatever is the truth, public sentiments are running in favor the singer. MeloMance - You — 7. It's possible but either way that ex-boyfriend is a loser AllKpop is a crap site I stopped visiting long ago and I hope they go down with this.

These users thanked kpopfanatic93 for the post: Follow Title Guidelines Submission titles should be detailed and direct. Whatever we may think of 6TM, they are a company that engages in frequent legal transactions and more likely than not has a legal team. Dec 13, 8: Five Nov 10, 8:

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Sexy ass bitches naked Am I the only only one who thinks that YMC's excuse is probable? Your email address will not be published. It would be difficult to prove anything at this point.
Free lesbian movie sites The two recordings - the ex-boyfriend trying to sell to Dispatch, and the man interviewed by SBS - are pretty similar. If you personally decide to involve the police, you know exactly what you're getting into; it's not something you're going to lie about. Dispatch also said this - shintotchi - Expand.
Just sexy girls Cause she doesnt look Korean? Dispatch makes statement on report about J. Some shady dude tried to scam my friend by asking if she would want to be in a new reality tv show, where girls would treat their male team partners as females or something like that.
Sexy vampire girl wallpaper At the Melon Music Awards held in Seoul on November 14th, Ailee began shedding tears during her acceptance speech. Therefore it is a closet, NOT a main door like you claim it is. Which explains why there were two lines.
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