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On the power outing, Saaphyri says 20 Pack should save her since she saved him once, and should save Buckwild because they're friends. Tegan brady nude pics. Buckwild thanks Angelique by kissing her butt. The very next morning, Myammee tells It to vote Prancer into the box, but It doesn't answer. Buckwild nude scenes. Before the vote, Heat cries and says he really wants the money and doesn't want to leave.

Heat then explains he got upset when Leilene said she was not mentally attracted to him because he felt she called him an idiot and a montage of his drunken and stupid moments are shown. When Leilene and Tamara had a chance to plead their case, Leilene said she may of messed up, but she's still a good player, while Tamara doesn't make much of an effort. During the massage, 20 Pack falls asleep and doesn't bother pleading his case. In the vault Saaphyri and Buckwild try to stall, but don't succeed.

Later, Tailor Made's scheming pays off when he convinces It to join his alliance. The Green Team says to give 20 Pack the check. Inside the mansion, Tailor Made and Prancer plot their plan for the vault, so they go over who's in which alliance, but they don't know which alliance Cali's in. Huge black tits sex. It says he should stay because he's weak.

She and Craig discuss her being underrated by the other contestants, and she says she is athletic thanks to stripping. Buddha, and Buddha knees Entertainer, and wins a point for the Green Team. Milf agrees, and follows Leilene around the house and tries to persuade her into moving in the alliance, but Leilene says no. On the one on one time, Tailor Made picks The Entertainer. And all of today's hottest topics! T-Weed and 20 Pack fight each other, with 20 Pack knocking T-Weed out of the ring and falls into the water, thus another point went to the Gold Team.

Angelique then calls up Buckwild and admits she knows she can trust her, but thinks she's a strong player, but eventually hands her the check. At elimination, Angelique gives the first check to 20 Pack, but will only give it to him, if he kisses her. Myammee is the first to arrive at the mansion, which she is given a choice between two trivia challenges. Each player gets two chances, and if they missed the target zone, or grabs a decoy dummy, they will lose a mannequin.

The next day, Craig hints the next challenge will test the contestants how they'll "hang on". When Prancer talks to Entertainer's alliance, they all said Prancer should get rid of Cali, but Prancer tearfully disagrees saying Cali's her "best friend.

Buddha and T-Weed fight in the vault, while Bonez told Craig that those were the official votes, and the three checks are dropped into the box. Finally, Myammee is brought on stage and offers a different explanation for her lingerie wearing, saying she lost her suitcase.

Onix and Prancer fight each other next. Young chinese girls nude. Ice then says the secret alliance is over. Retrieved 9 March

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At the power outing, It portrays himself as a weak competitor, while Prancer pointed out that It was perhaps not a trustworthy person. Myammee is the first to arrive at the mansion, which she is given a choice between two trivia challenges.

Retrieved 9 March Tailor Made struggles with his part and finishes 2: Daddy must be proud. Flo from progressive naked. The very next morning, Myammee tells It to vote Prancer into the box, but It doesn't answer. Saaphyri consoles her, and Angelique decides to stay.

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It twirls, and Saaphyri gives him the check. In the end, it comes down to Prancer and Tailor Made, with Tailor Made winning, becoming the first back-to-back Paymaster this season Hoopz was the first back-to-back Paymaster on Season 1. Buckwild nude scenes. Guess these whores will do anything to get money. Retrieved 6 October Craig then promptly voids Tailor Made's and It's check.

On the one on one time, Angelique picks Bonez. The Entertainer agrees and gives him the check, and 20 Pack drops to his knees and cries. Tiny asian nude pics. Biggest Teen Mom Scandals! Heat Jason Rosell [10]. I feel sorry for this generation - the type of people who idolize and emulate others for their stupidity just to gain fame and fortune. I respect you, man! On the one on one time, Prancer picks Frenchy and Prancer wants to form an alliance with her, but Angelique doesn't trust her because she turned on their alliance.

This episode begins where Episode Two left off, with Leilene wanting to talk to Buckwild about breaking off the pinky swear earlier, but Buckwild doesn't want to talk to her. Milf is seen arguing with her roommates Buddha, Myammee, and T-Weed, for their betrayal to her for voting her into the box.

Lots of Kanye news! When The Entertainer learns of this, he begins arguing with Saaphyri, even going so far as to break wind noisily in her direction.

It's down to T-Weed and Myammee vs. Jackson returning to host. Ice and Prancer argue who's stronger and Ice says she's faking her injury. Leilene did the worst with no coins, while Tamara has a fear of waterthus found only a few coins.

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She also reveals her intention to help women changing their weaves as often as she does, which makes some castmembers laugh. Sexy naked xxx video. On the one on one time, Tailor Made picks Cali and Cali tells him if he saves her, she'll save him the next time. Myammee performs relatively well, correctly answering all but two questions. Where Are They Now??? When the Green Team arrived at their third station, the instructions are in Spanish, yet the Green Team can't translate, even when they have a Spanish dictionary, while the Gold Team wing it, since Heat speaks Spanish, and it turns out that the final key is underneath the box.

They both tell her she must love herself before loving others, of which Buckwild agrees. Sexy lesbians rubbing clits Sex on TV gets ratings, and everyone knows that people tune in to Game of Thrones for more than the plot.

Milf is seen arguing with her roommates Buddha, Myammee, and T-Weed, for their betrayal to her for voting her into the box.

JD87 says — reply to this. Back at the house, Saaphyri and Myammee discuss the challenge and who they think is going into the box and think Cali threw the challenge so Prancer could be Pay Master. Views Read Edit View history.

In the vault, Saaphyri handpicks Milf, Cali, and Myammee to be in the box, while everybody else agrees with her.

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