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I feel for Iranians having to put up with that madman again. We all have seen the pictures, videos and comments about whats happening in iran recently and is still on. Hope brady nude. Julia liers naked pics. There is still no end to this old debate in most parts of the world It.

Technically, they're not considered human beings, so be harsh with as much as you can be, like the way they are with you. They capture the essence of these people to the core. Also, the reports I've seen indicate 24 is either Basiji or the Ansari-Hizbullah, not protestors. These pictures tell me that this uprising is not just an uprising, it is the first step in the modernization of Iran.

They are Members of the Iranian hardline volunteer Basij who beat people without needing any permission from anywhere! It seems like after seeing what a good woman Urmi is, Damini finally accepts her. Even the great mullah is caving now. Carden Corts is an internet sensation with this perfect weather-man video. The White House should only say that this is for the Iranian people to decide, and that they wish the desires and wishes of Iranians will be respected as well as their rights to peaceful demonstration, as in any democracy.

I am an American watching this on the web. Free nude female videos. There was huge fraud involved, since it was pre-ordained who could be on the ballot in the first place, in addition to the fact that no votes anywhere were actually counted. Thursday 3 May Episode 32 Jai professes his diminishing hatred to Bani and shows willingness to allow Bani to be happy…. I truly hope this goes well for them and there aren't a lot of lives lost.

Americans please see that how a dictator regime can kill the supporters of selected president Mirhossein Musavi who wants to change this gloomy situation inside and outside of Iran. Especially the woman and youth. The more violent the protests are the more hatred is developed among each other. I know Obama wishes he could do something to make it a fair election, but we cannot get involved in your affairs because of how reclusive Ahmadi has made your country!

This is about the Iranian people fighting for the voice and the vote that they were promised, that was stolen from them. Im glad all of us around the world have access to see them, to see the truth. Razzmatazz challenges Juju to a roast: Stand with the people and offer the iranians a deal. My prayers are for the people of Iran. Very nice to see you guys staying on top of events, some of these photos I haven't seen yet but even the ones I have are still moving and powerful.

Perhaps that is what we see in Iran; however, do not fool yourself into believing that a revolution is afoot. Gill ellis milf. God bless those who struggle for freedom, and may their efforts be richly rewarded. It is such a strong image.

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I guess we dont care nymore, this is OUR fight and we do nything we can to win this.

Thomas Paine's inspiring words, commenting on, supporting the 18th century American fight for representation, would seem to fit this 21st Century Iranian fight for representation as so many of Paine's words continue to fit so many modern situations. Sexy girls big thighs. Were is Barack Hussein Obama. While President Bush was vilified in the US and around the globe he never once waivered from his belief that people should be able to live in freedom.

Who selects the candidates to begin with?

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Never give up, peace will prevail! Change the subtitles to read "purportedly" or "putatively" or "supposedly" defeated in regards to Mr. If so, that is a possibility. People of the world must unite and support one another against all of these corrupt governments! Iranians are some tough sumbitches. I hope your revolution is successful and that you are soon freed from your oppressive leadership and can enjoy a truly democratic society. Usually through rebellion by the people they have beaten down for so long.

I am proud of my fellow Iranians! Do not give up! I loved the last blog entry about the Iranian elections. Technically, they're not considered human beings, so be harsh with as much as you can be, like the way they are with you. Julia liers naked pics. Xxx long pussy. When the beating of your heart Echoes the beating of the drums There is a life about to start When tomorrow comes! Peace be with you! I pray for your freedom guys! Help my people by not accepting Ahmadinejatd as Iran's president.

Take back your Country my Brave Iranian friends. In my culture, it is inappropriate to give news of a pregnancy too early, also for one to ask "how far along are you? This situation could result in enormous consequences if left not dealt with. If people die as they are and as they did inthis is the only way for change in Iran.

Some min after I left it basij killed somebody. We support the will of the people of Iran to be represented by a conservative reformist who can lead Iran to prosperity instead of a hard-lining, radical, near dictator. They are mostly children of the poor living far away from home under Islamic teachers and have to pound the streets daily to beg for.

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Down With Ahmadinejad,Down with Dictators. Ahmadi Nezhad is not our president. Gracie glam lesbian. Iran must be isolated. Ahmadinejad I will not use the word president in reference to you. I have done all I can think to do see comment but will do anything else I can. Long live People of Iran. There is no doubt that the Iranian people are in the prayers of many Americans, including myself. Young lesbian sex photos Julia liers naked pics. Most peoples of the world live in pseudo-democracies. I hope these protests end soon.

Fight when help comes, or fight even harder without it. Hot lesbians outside. This dirty coup'detat' has planned by Khameneyi and SEPAH did itleader khameneyi and Ahmadinejad they need each other to keep their power ,Khameneyi's Spiritual speeches are more a joke!

The photos were very touching They don't understand that a democratic government has nothing to do with them.

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